Subliminal String Cheese Incident

I’m really loving the possibilities of the Morse code quilts – it works in so nicely to a lot of patterns, borders, etc… :) I’ve been loving all the coin quilts on Flickr – especially the more random, one-strip-at-a-time different sizes ones. The differing sizes also makes another convincing place to work in secret morse code communications… I love hidden messages!

I started off with that idea, and without thinking about it too hard, decided to make a quilt about one of my favorite bands, String Cheese Incident. I’ve only been into them for a year or so, but last summer at the Rothbury festival they were AMAZING… (listen here) one of top 3 concert experiences (and I’ve seen a LOT of concerts).   Fire dancers, cirque-du-soleil-type acrobats 60 feet in the air, and beach balls galore – the biggest one more then 30 ft tall!    Craziness, and good songs.

My quilt isn’t as spectactularly exciting as that experience, but instead is reflecting when I listen to them most – right before bed, in my falling asleep playlist.  ”Time Alive” and (ironically) “Wake Up.” are the SCI songs I’ve listened to supposedly 1535 times.  I think the music counter on iTunes is a little messed up – but I’d easily believe a hundred+. So this coins quilt is full of lyrics from “Time Alive.”

Top to bottom, the lyrics I snipped out are:

Time alive, dreams survive
Fly to the sun, return for the fun
SCI (in the middle)
Let it go
Just to be here now
Dancing with friends
The flood of love is here

Nonsensical out of context, but all favorite snippets… :)

The morse code is rather literal – skinny strips for the short, fat for the long, white skinny between letters, dark fat between words. Colors are placed randomly, from a deck of 4 colors (+white, dark, and the background). I could write anything in there… probably will in the future.

The quilting patterns in the background is a 45 degree crosshatch, not overlapping the coins for drama, although the word and letter spaces have quilting in them to tie it down. Eggs around the border, and the SCI logo in the corners and the middle.

The picture I faded into the background is from that epic concert – I made an animation to show how it works, it’ll be in the next post.

Here’s a few other color variations… I had a difficult time deciding on a color scheme for this. Having both white and really dark blocks within the coins made choosing a background tricky – I decided a medium-dark background and a white “shelf” worked nicely.

Retro goodness, and this one reminds me of Scooby Doo too… I’m realizing how much the patterned fabrics added to the quilt up top – I’m not quite ready to go 100% patterns, but they add a playful accent indeed.

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