Little Fish Quilt

Another classroom doodle that wound its way into a quilt. Probably not a new pattern, but I enjoy the striping and the fishes it suggested. And I had a lot of fun with the border! The last little fish finally breaks free of the herd….
A very simple quilt that suggests fishes

Light and dark blue, light and dark brown, and a light background make a strong diagonal striped impression across the whole quilt. I’d love to create this again sometime, with a scrappier color selection, or times to make patterns for the fabrics.

I’m pretty pleased with the simplicity as it is though… and isn’t this little guy cute?
The escaping little quilt-fish!
(ooo… and the shading hidden-picture is of a shark! from the Denver Aquarium – a very early date with M… <3 )

One thought on “Little Fish Quilt

  1. Karen Freeman

    Reminds me of the LA aquarium we went to see in 1998, good memories of a very fun vacation with family! :) couldn’t find the shark – must be really hiding in wait! Love it!


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