By Special Request – T-shirts!

Am I such a dork I will take a possibly casual comment about t-shirts and immediately create a way for that to happen?  Yes!!!

Because it’s an awesome idea, and a great way to get my ‘quilts’ onto something fabric-y without my sewing machine (even when I get mine, will I be quilting with it?  questionable..)

So bethness is now on Spreadshirt! I’d looked into and talked about starting a t-shirt store ages ago (I look into lots of things, it’s a hobby)… so it was really quick to get this set up.  And fun! (link doesn’t seem to be working – you can find the shirts here: )

The images are far too small on the shirts – they’ll print perfectly, but it’s silly that they don’t let you see the graphic up-close.  So here they are:

Dance of Shiva ShirtI kept my original rainbow colors on a few of the options, but I also wanted to give an alternate color scheme a chance.  Still follows rainbow order, but I took my inspiration from Crayola “Bold” markers rather then the Classic ;) .   I used to think Jungle Green was the prettiest color in the world.

Vertical-style Bold Colors has Dance of Shiva Level 1 in quilting-letters interwoven, for more complexity…

And then the original color schemes, the vertical as seen in the post below, and here’s the alternate:

And just to be completely fair, a correct-size view of the texture overlaying:

I think it should come out splendidly on the shirts :) I’m excited to order one.

Also, if you think my shirt selection sucks, or you’re looking for something different, you can use the spreadshirt “create your own” and search for “shiva” designs, and these come up.


2 thoughts on “By Special Request – T-shirts!

  1. sarra


    I’m here via Facebook, so thanks to whoever lovely posted your Spreadshirt link there.

    Very very gently – did you say (or did I imagine) that the sequences are as per those from the Secret Lab? I learnt – am still learning – from Andrey’s videos, and this is probably why I’m doing it slightly differently – have the Shivanauts rejigged things to be more logical? So the L1 quilt runs: 11. 11, 22, 33, 44. 11, 44, 33, 22. etc, while I practise 11. 22, 33, 44, 11. 44, 33, 22, 11. etc.



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